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Watch an Immediate Skin to Skin Experience

Immediate skin to skin is now possible in the operating room after your cesarean section.

Benefits the Infant & Mother

In 2012 we began researching compelling evidence that supported the beneficial effects for both infant and mother when natural birthing processes, such as immediate post partum maternal-infant skin-to-skin contact, are supported. In spite of compelling evidence to the contrary, maternal-infant separation at the time of birth remains a persistent practice during C-Sections in the operating room.

We set out to change that practice. The first thing we had to do was invent a drape that would allow for Immediate Skin to Skin contact in the O.R. After 3 years of hard work we can finally introduce our patent pending drape and process to the world. Introducing the Clever Medical skin to skin drape. Our drape helps to facilitate immediate skin to skin contact. Some of the benefits of immediate skin to skin contact are:

  • Skin to Skin contact mediates the neonatal stress response and promotes neonatal physiological regulation and stabilization
  • Skin to Skin is associated with early initiation and longer duration of breastfeeding
  • Skin to Skin contact is associated with positive infant development and social benefits
  • Multiple maternal benefits have been documented
How Do I Get the Drape?

Real Moms. Real Stories.

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Hear from moms just like you who have used a Clever Medical drape to enjoy the beneficial effects of immediate skin to skin contact with their infant after a C-Section.

Stephanie had a previous c-section and was not able to have the immediate skin to skin experience. When speaking about her second c-section with the Clever Medical Drape, she said “to have that immediate connection with your baby is something I couldn’t ever trade.”


Richmond, VA

Nicole had a previous C-section and was not able to have the immediate skin to skin experience. For her second c-section, she chose the Clever Medical drape and told us “I was doing skin to skin and I didn’t even realize it. It felt so perfect.”


Richmond, VA